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My purpose is to pay tribute to those heroic individuals who have contributed to the world. I hope to honor them as a testimonial of their contribution.  Through creative means, I find them in my heart and hope others may do the same.  We must all contribute, either as artist, or observer, by: experiencing their souls through understanding their purpose, expanding our knowledge of their gifts, and by being aware of the historical stepping-stones of humanity throughout the ages. Without these contributions, of which we must continually remind ourselves of, the past, present, and future would be lost in the thoughts of the here and now.


I would like to honor the women of the 20th century. Those who spoke out, dreamt the dreams women in their generation dared not, and then,  put those dreams into action. This is for those who contributed to this life in so many remarkable ways.

It is with their presence that we, as women, are here today, living as we are, and with the freedoms that we uphold.

​Thank you.

Human Condition

​All of us seek wisdom from the challenges we face. Those who stand up to face these challenges and effect global change are the heroes/heroines of our time.

So much can be said for so many people, just ordinary people that take the opportunity to challenge the system and create a better state, nation, and world.

Human nature is fragile. We, as human beings, must kindle the fire of strength to make a difference for all.

Most people look at the world through a shallow lens without understanding how to perceive what is out there.

With the gift of opportunity, we are able to envision the insights that life brings us. With support, we may perhaps face the challenges and concerns that lie ahead.

My poetry serves to illustrate that.

Anecdotes are found within each poem, in order to, learn from adversity and decipher how it should be weighed and measured.

Book Information:

Title: Poetry & Portrait: An Anthology: Part III and Part IV
Pages: 151
Publisher: Create Space
Dimensions: 8 x 5.25 x 0.4
ISBN-10: 1530827060
ISBN-13: 978-1530827060
​Audience: Young Adult, Adult