About Poetry & Portrait
My purpose is to pay tribute to those heroic individuals who have contributed to the world. I hope to honor them as a testimonial of their contribution. I find them in my heart and hope others may do the same. We must all contribute, either as artist, or observer by: experiencing our soul through understanding our purpose; expanding our knowledge of our gifts; and by being aware of the historical stepping-stones of humanity throughout the ages. Without these contributions, of which we must continually remind ourselves, the past, present, and future would be lost in the thoughts of the here and now.

About the Author/Illustrator

Teresa’s poetry/writing strives to follow the idea that positive reinforcement, or the use of the affirmative, is applied when human ambition and desire choose to remain positive, as opposed to negative. She questions philosophical, psychological, and metaphysical concepts as a way of revisiting the mind to achieve this belief throughout the varied subject matter of her work.  Asking questions educates her about the mind/body/soul.  She reinvents, recreates and rediscovers her work from that knowledge/wisdom. When dealing with life’s many challenges, the idea of positive reinforcement is one that resonates with her-one that her experiences inspire her to attain, on a personal level.  She has worked in the field of tolerance and has been educated in the field of multiculturalism. Teresa strives to enlighten and enchant those who will listen.

Teresa Lakier has received a Bachelors of Art and has written and illustrated “Poetry & Portrait: An Anthology: Part I and Part II, and illustrated “Beyond the Easy Answer, Second Edition: Discovering New Perspectives Through Communication, Games, Stories and Dreams” and “By the Light of the Rabbit Moon.”