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My purpose is to pay tribute to those heroic individuals who have contributed to the world. I hope to honor them as a testimonial of their contribution.  Through creative means, I find them in my heart and hope others may do the same.  We must all contribute, either as artist, or observer by: experiencing their souls through understanding their purpose, expanding our knowledge of their gifts, and by being aware of the historical stepping-stones of humanity throughout the ages. Without these contributions, which we must continually remind ourselves of, the past, present, and future would be lost in the thoughts of the here and now.


The essential element in creating portraits is capturing the uniqueness of the subject. The soul is the element of  a portrait that, if captured, cradles the unique character of that person. Capturing the soul—literally or visually—demands the merging of the soul of the subject and the artist energetically. It is the artist, the portrait maker, who attempts to express the life force in a unique way.


I juxtapose words together in an unordinary and irrational form. Most of us are not ordinary and most of our feelings do not feel rational and/or logical all the time. Each of us has our own peculiarities.  So do the words I write.

The theme of my poetry is darkness vs. light.  The decision to rise above the negative in painful situations where it feels like we are drowning in remorse is so important. Doing so, we are able to see the light radiating around us bringing us through those challenging moments in time.

Because feelings are not always rational or logical, they cannot be spoken of that way. Emotions are hard to grasp and harder to feel. That’s why talking through them is an important part of learning about them.

Putting words together irrationally and unordinarily shows you how rational you really are, and how emotions are really just that, emotions.  And, that you are in charge, not them.

Book Information:

Title: Poetry & Portrait: An Anthology: Part I and Part II
Pages: 154
Publisher: Create Space
Dimensions: 8 x 5.2 x 0.4
ISBN-10: 1438210876
ISBN-13: 978-1438210872
​Audience: Young Adult, Adult